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Groundwater Availability and Development:

  • desktop analysis of groundwater resources
  • fresh and brackish groundwater
  • aquifer storage and recovery
  • managed aquifer recharge
  • groundwater availability modeling using TWDB GAMs
  • hydrogeologic data compilation and evaluation
  • field surveys
  • test drilling programs
  • well citing, specifications, and construction observation
  • aquifer and well testing programs
  • pumping equipment design
  • local and regional impact analysis
  • permitting support (GCDs and TCEQ)
  • pollution hazard mapping

Numerical Modeling and Data Analysis:

  • analytical element/ screening level evaluation
  • statistical analysis of environmental data
  • groundwater availability modeling (TWDB GAMs)
  • development of custom local or regional groundwater models
  • brackish groundwater
  • contaminant fate and transport
  • watershed modeling/ groundwater-surface water interactions
  • water quality studies
  • TMDL/pollutant loading studies
  • evaluation of environmental flows
  • custom visualizations and dashboards
  • technical review and/or update
  • model calibration and predictive analysis
  • scenario and/or uncertainty analysis
  • stakeholder outreach

Water Resources and Environmental Research:

  • innovative water technologies
  • sustainability and net zero goals
  • water cycle in the circular economy
  • water footprint studies
  • emerging contaminants
  • climatic and environmental data analysis
  • analytical and numerical techniques
  • remote-sensing data collation and analysis
  • stakeholder advocacy and communication  
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